Bedroom Roof​/​An Empty Head (Gets the Easiest Rest)

by Zilinski

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released January 16, 2017

Ross Hurley - Vocals, Bass
Timothy J. Moffett - Guitar, Vocals
Fabian Cortez - Guitar
George W. Craig - Drums

All music by Zilinski
All lyrics by Ross Hurley
Production and artwork by Timothy J. Moffett
Painting credit: Egon Schiele - Eros (1911, Public Domain)



all rights reserved


Zilinski Canterbury, UK

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Track Name: Bedroom Roof
I heard footsteps skitter behind my feet
Kicking at my bloody heels
As I fall into my knees
Burning numbness still conceals

I saw myself on the bedroom roof
Misbehaving and I'm guilty
Of trying to disobey the rules
Lying only made me guilty
Now the blackened vision's all I live
Keep my silence 'cause I'm guilty

I watched you smile at me
I saw me look away
'Cause the blood creates a trail
That traces me to me

My footsteps drench my dreams
The sounds still follow me
And when I shut my eyes
It consumes me
Track Name: An Empty Head (Gets the Easiest Rest)
I woke up at the edge of my bed
Dizzy and confused
I think I'll beat myself into a daze
Block thoughts and get lost in the haze

Stare into a puddle of mud
I'll find myself holding to the dirt
And when I look up
The walls seem so tall

I know I'm hungry
My bones are feeling skinny
I fall